Campaign is now under way – join us! 

CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE OFFICIAL #Emerging Proud website

#Emergingproud #Comingoutofthespiritualcloset

Millions of people around the world are waking up to an expanded level of consciousness.

I want to create a media and political storm in order to change the social perception of these experiences in order that people can speak their truth safely.

International ‘#Emerging Proud‘ day, planned to launch on 12th May 2017, aims to raise awareness of spiritual experiences – to normalize them.

To tackle the stigma, change the media portrayal as these experiences as ‘crazy’, and help those who are suffering due to misunderstanding to be better supported and less isolated.

Join the campaign and help to create a special edition book featuring faces and stories from around the world and a powerful book, which will be a montage of clips like this from people ‘#Coming out of the Spiritual Closet‘. The film will premiere on the official ‘#Emerging Proud’ day on 12th May 2017

Brave faces who have pledged to #emergeproud with us:

20 faces Collage.png

EPKimbles .jpgeprozaliaericaepepmick


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