CRAZYWISE Film Interactive Community Screening Workshops

Have you been affected by mental health issues that you feel were ineffectively supported, or know someone who has? Do you have ideas about changes that are needed but no place to voice them?

The new CRAZYWISE film (not yet released) acts as a powerfully emotive tool to initiate conversation around the belief that a psychological crisis can actually be an opportunity for growth and potentially transformational, not a disease without a cure.

Would you like the opportunity to see this ground- breaking film in your local area or at your organisation, and collaborate with others to inspire creative solutions to these complex issues?

Contact me to arrange an exclusive screening and interactive workshop here!

We have to start actively collaborating to bring about this much needed shift in how ‘madness’ is perceived. Along with the Crazywise Producers, my hope is that these community events will help to catalyse much- needed passionate discussions, committed action and the beginning of solutions for a new paradigm for how we understand and support mental distress.

Together we are creating a global movement; a transitioning from stigma to understanding mental distress as a healthy transformative process, and we want YOU to be an integral part of making it happen with us.

The screening and workshop can be adapted to the needs of your group / organisation and geographical location. Please CONTACT ME to discuss how.