Liv brings us all a message from the nature spirits; do not be ashamed!

When I was contacted by LIV WHEELER from Skamokowa in Washington State, US, saying that spirit had guided her to start a very similar campaign to #emergingproud (#italktospirittoo)  just two months previously, we knew synchronicity had a hand in bringing us together to raise the volume of the message.

Liv has been ‘out of the spiritual closet’ and communicating with nature spirits (Kontomble) for the last ten years, supporting people to reconnect with their ancestral heritage. However, she too knows that a #newparadigm is emerging.

Liv describes herself as being part of a ‘fringe’ of society, but that it’s time that was no longer the case. We know that what she has to say will be a stretch and even a challenge for some people to hear, but for those that are hiding away with these experiences, we felt the need to share the whole interview very openly.

Liv says:

“I received a message from Kontomble in preparation for this interview that the more that people silence their connection with Spirit, cut off that connection, our guides are oppressed in the process. When all these beings are experiencing oppression, the people go hungry. It’s interesting to think about”…


(Apologies for the video setting; Liv comes on screen after 2 mins as it was set to speaker view by mistake)

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