Brave Jordana bares all for the cause


Jordana says:

“I was reading the book “The Secret” when my first Spiritual Emergency occurred.  Things I wanted began to manifest instanteneously, and synchronicities were happening left and right. Time and space disappeared, and I could see a higher consciuosness in everyone and everything!  And then Spirit entered inside of me and I couldn’t stay in this reality.  My body was here, but my being was transported into an incredibly wild, spectacular, mystical dream full of saints and sages, beautiful beings, messages, premonitions, and teachings beyond what words could describe.  Meanwhile, my body, here on Earth, entered into a catatonic state, and that’s when I was taken to the emergency psych ward and pumped full of meds to bring me back to the material world.  I was diagnosed with a brief psychotic episode and after 2 weeks I was sent home.  I was med free and episode free for 2 years.  But then the emergencies began to come back with a vengeance every 3 months.  I was diagnosed as bipolar with cyclicle psychotic episodes and lived like a walking zombie on meds for the following 3 years.  Nothing I tried broke the cycle, until I found my true Self and my path, gratefuly through the incredibly healing power of peer support and community.  I am currently med free and episode free for 2 years now.


In hindsight, I believe the episodes happened as a necessary part of the evolution of my soul, because I wasn’t listening to my Higher Self, and I wasn’t following my path.  I had lost myself as a person, a mother, a friend, and most of all a being, and I think the episodes were trying to show me that there was a greater purpose for me, as there is for everyone.  My whole life since then has changed in amazing ways I could never have imagined.  I now know my purpose and I live it fully every day, as I guide people through their own Spiritual Emergencies, as I live with faith in the Universe, knowing that I’m not in control, but conscious that I am driving my vehicle, responsable for my reality, listening to the synchronicities, seeing the illusions, honoring myself and my process, and living with purpose, meaning, open communication, and authenticity, all with a Beginner’s mind, in love with every day.  Thank you Spirit, for waking me up!  I have never been more fullfilled, content, and full of purpose in my life!!!  It’s been an incredible ride!  And I am committed to share that ride with as many people as possible who want to join me!  Thank you to my family and friends for your unconditional love and support and for accepting  me for who I am. And most of all, thank you to Spirit, for guiding my way.  Telling my story is alchemy and the the world is wonderous outside of the spiritual closet.  Thank you for listening to my story. 🙂 ”



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