Happy Re-Birth Day to me!


Today I am celebrating being reborn as the REAL me!

My #Emerging Proud campaign is my gift to myself; and hopefully to the world…

It’s time to get the #Emerging Proud party started with the first, very special, interview! Such a pleasure to introduce my wonderful ISEN sidekick to the world – she is a pure diamond this one!

Rozalia will be a regular interviewee of the campaign, but for now, here is her #Coming out of the Spiritual Closet story just for you….

There’s many more like this to follow…and they’ll get more risky as the campaign gets going! SIGN UP HERE
Enjoy x
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2 Responses to Happy Re-Birth Day to me!

  1. Very interesting and hugely helpful. My son recently went through something similar in the last few years and has been suffering recently. This gives us some more insight into what may have been happening . I look forward to sharing this with him. Thank you.


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