International campaign launching soon: EMERGING PROUD!

It’s time to get more serious and speak out for those who are not able to have a voice… it’s time to increase the momentum for change.

Today I am officially Coming out of the Spiritual Closet – I am Emerging Proud.


These will be phrases you will become familiar with over the next 6 months if you wish to join me in my campaign.

I am launching an International campaign to normalise spiritual experiences in the mainstream media … With some amazing special guests, we’ll be getting down and dirty with the reality of exactly what these experiences look like – together we are aiming to create the new ‘normal’.

I’ll be interviewing experiencers, experts and also inviting YOU to share your stories in pictures like this, showing that you are prepared to come out of the spiritual closet too:


I’ll also be collecting video clips like this to create a montage for a film which will premiere on International Emerging Proud day 17th March 2017.

I hope you will join me in raising awareness and initiating change.

When we officially launched ISEN in May 2016 you could hear the emotion in my voice – but I am not going to let that stop me…the time is NOW and I am going to invite you all to speak out with me, even if your voice shakes.

Watch this space for more campaign news – coming very soon!


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4 Responses to International campaign launching soon: EMERGING PROUD!

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  2. susieviolin says:

    This is so exciting! Well done Katie! Count me in 😀😀😀😀


  3. I love this Katie !! I just told my story a month ago at a Mental Health Summit featuring Bob Whitaker (Mad in America). I am more than happy to support you, tell my story, share my extensive experiences whatever you need !! Great Idea and would love to be a part of it !!


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